Thursday, 1 September 2011

Travels with Luke : Beginnings of an Idea

My dear Theophilus,

I was so thankful to receive your recent letter. You were right to assume that I am still in Rome. I have been here these 6 years now. As you mentioned in your letter it is now almost 4 years since our brother Paul was executed. I have remained in the city but it has at times been most dangerous for Christians and so I have often stayed in various places because of the persecution. And so I am especially pleased that your letter reached me, via your friends who kindly carried it to me. It has been a great pleasure to be re-united with Salome and Marcus, and news of you has lightened my heart.

My medical work continues to give me plenty to do - I mostly visit various patients who hear of me by word of mouth, but also, people come to me where ever I am staying and I can administer various treatments. However as you mention in your letter I have considered the possibility of moving partly because it has been on my heart to commence the research which I have discussed with you before. I would very much like to hear from you the particular questions that you have regarding the life and work of our Lord but also questions regarding what happened after the Resurrection and the travels of our brother Paul. I wish also to discuss this endeavour with brothers and sisters here in the city. I do believe in order to carry out my research properly and well I would have to travel. I send this letter back to you with great affection. May you remain steadfastly in Him.

Your brother, Luke

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