Sunday, 6 November 2011

Of Etsy rings, old books and a thousand thanks in the making.

13. Newly minted in the morning autumn colours.

14. Feeling the sun's warmth on a November day.
15. Walks and talks with a good friend and pizza.

16. Beautiful etsy ring in the post.

17. Even more beautiful old book from a dear friend's online antique bookstore.

18. Excitement about the Old Testament after a theology class.

19. How theology leaves to hunger for more and praise.

20. Rushing rushing river and elusive far away (surprised by) joy.

21. Hope and comfort for the grieving.

22. News from a far off land like a drink of cold water.

23. Red pink petals of a rose.

24. "Brown paper packages tied up with string....these are a few of my favourite things" and thanksgiving things too.

25. Shabbat Shalom.

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