Friday, 26 August 2011

Answered and hidden

I have been pondering in recent months answered prayers that suddenly fall into place. Circumstances that give hope. In May and June of this year, I prepared for an exam, sat the exam, applied for a job, was short-listed, went for the interview, got the job I really wanted, finished all the "official" hurdles for GP training, and then found I had passed the exam. All in the space of 4 weeks.

Which has really left me thinking how kind God is. And how caring. To have helped me finish something difficult and given me a job I think I will love, at the end of it.

I prayed another prayer at the beginning of the year and then was reminded of the prayer at the beginning of May through the comments of others. A few happen-stances have occured in the past few weeks that have made me think that perhaps even this prayer is being answered. But it is still hidden from view, and I am only wondering. It is a slowely lightening dawn. However even if the prayer is not answered in the way I perhaps hope, the few months past have showed me again how faithful God is. And how I must remember this, answered prayers or not. God's kindness is there whether we feel and see it very evident and when it feels most hidden.


  1. Well put. And congratulations on all your hard work paying off.