Saturday, 20 August 2011

New Blog

I am starting a new blog. In keeping with starting a new job in a few weeks time that will be quite different to what I have done hitherto, I decided that I also need a new location and new thinking on my blog. CS Lewis writes about quiddity in relation to thoroughly enjoying each moment, howling wind and rain and balmy days alike. I will write on this more in further posts but this is partly the basis of the title of this blog. Each day is to be lived, carpe diem ("seize that moment, it will not come again), but also the "essence" of things must be appreciated. The neighbours singing accapella. In Romanian. A cup of tea. A good book. A new season. Fresh beginnings. Not that I dissect an enjoyable thing because that is impossible but reflecting on it, and giving thanks to Whom It Comes From, is highly possible. Please come and visit and leave your thoughts behind.

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